The Essence of our brand

business challenges are just solutions waiting to happen…

We find solutions that others can’t, or won’t.

Seeking out the right product or technology to fit your needs is what we do. Whether it’s that perfect fabric for you wearables, or that cutting edge technology that helps you convert sales, PopInk will find it.

We know what we’re good at…

The product and service offerings you see here only begin to scratch the surface of what we’re capable of in the branding and marketing space, but these are the services that we know will be impactful for your brand.

Generating revenue streams and growing marketing programs through branded garment sales or giveaways is at the top of our list of offerings for a reason. Understanding your target audience and finding the right product offering to match sales goals or cost effectiveness is what we do. We seek out the right brands of garments that speak to your end users, and then create stunning designs and stories around the offering creates value that they want to pass on to their friends. If your end customer is so enamored with his shirt or hat that he posts a picture of it on social media – we did our job.

Printed material is the natural evolution in that storytelling and brand experience. Everything from labels to packaging comes into play when you begin to climb the ladder of sensory experience in your product offering.

Promotional goods and ad specialty products just come with the territory for us. Our sourcing folks here at PopInk get a little fanatical trying to find the right products in our textile rage, that we sometimes turn them loose to find brandable pens, buttons, magnets – EVERYTHING. Usually the harder it is to find the more we like it. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to buy an economical product, imported goods or want that “Made in America” item from Nebraska – we find it.

Once you have your product offering the next step is bringing it to market – we help there too! Either through business strategy consultation, POS branded print collateral or technology solutions – we can help with in-person retail experience.

In the digital space we also create that perfect marketing or e-commerce experience that helps to monetize or market your brand. We find the right technology that creates a front facing sales channel or traffic booster, and then becomes your business control center for tracking, automating and delivering your brand to the masses.


  • screen printing

  • embroidery

  • DTG – direct to garment

  • patchwork

  • distressed


  • packaging

  • labels

  • tags

  • catalogs

  • POS marketing materials


  • web development

  • content management systems

  • e-commerce

  • marketing automation

  • communications automation